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Anodizing is the process of increasing the natural oxide layer of a metal part to resist corrosion and wear, converting the metal surface into a decorative, durable finish. Despite the complexity of anodizing, the process is relatively simple. To do so, the metal part is immersed in an electrolytic solution along with a cathode. A current is then passed through the electrolytic solution, as the cathode releases hydrogen, and oxygen forms on the surface of the anode. As a result, the treated surface forms a metal oxide film that enhances the appearance and durability of the metal part. As foreign of a concept as anodizing sounds, the process is actually used in many everyday items, like refrigerators, microwaves, golf carts, baseball bats, electronics, and more.

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Benefits of Anodizing

So, what are the benefits of anodizing? By restoring a metal part through an anodizing finish, it’s lifespan can extend to 20 years. Especially for metals of heavy use, anodizing increases its longevity by protecting against damage from sunlight, harsh chemicals, or the daily wear and tear of physical contact. The oxide layer additionally provides a better surface for adhesion of paints and glues than bare metal would. When anodizing, it is also import to consider the thickness of the coating as well as the quality of the anodic coating process. The main rule of thumb is the thicker the layer, the longer it’ll last. It is also important to consider that the coating is relatively thin compared to paints and powders, yet is more hard and durable. Not to mention, its environmentally friendly finish can be recycled and is inexpensive compared to other coating methods.

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