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Custom labels

Quality, custom made labels have countless applications. Labels can be used as a warning about dangerous equipment or to brand and identify various products and machinery. Additionally, labels are used for security purposes as well as to provide instructions. These are just a few of the ways labels can be helpful to all business owners.

machine warning poster

Metal labels can outlast solvents and chemicals they may come in contact with. This will allow you to use the same labels for years to come on machines, technology, equipment, and more. Barcodes can be printed onto our labels for easy identification or inventory control.

New England Etching can work with various materials and printing options. You pick the size, shape, thickness, and design of your label to best reflect your company and your needs. Labels will be accurately cut and created to fit the specific requirements of your project.

For more information about labels, contact us today at 413-532-9482! New England Etching is located in Holyoke, MA and provides various etching products, including labels and nameplates for the Northeast region and across the country.

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