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Metal etching is the practice of using mordant or strong acid to cut in a small amount of exposed metal surface to create a design. This process can be used to make a variety of our common products such as:

  • Labels
  • Nameplates
  • Tags
  • Instrument Panels
  • Signage
  • And more

This process is done through a number of regulated steps that insure the specifications of your product are met.

new england etching metal etching floral pattern


Once the metal arrives to our facilities it is prepared for the etching process by getting stripped of all foreign materials. Without this step the metal will not be able to masked and scribed in the next steps of the process.


In this part of the etching process a maskant is placed onto the metal surface. The maskant is acid-resistant and is removed is a specific pattern in the scribing step to create the pattern that is required for the specific project.


In this next step the maskant is removed in the required pattern leaving the metal exposed. This exposed metal will be corroded away to create a visual pattern on the metal.


During this part of the sequence the actual etching occurs. The metal is exposed to type of acid (depending on the material) to remove a small amount of the metal creating an engraving.


After the acid is done etching the project is cleaned of the corrosive liquid. This process is called demasking. Along with the removal of the acid the removal of the maskant is done during this step revealing a finished product.

If you are looking for an etching company in the New England area give us a call today at 413-532-9482!

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