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Metal die-cutting and stamping is the technique of cutting and shaping metal to a precise size and shape. The process of die-cutting and stamping includes taking the specific type of metal from its sheet form and punching, cutting, forming, and shaping it into custom metal parts.  This process uses templates, or molds, that are custom made to the end product’s specifications.

ANSI Compliant Safety

This process can be done with any of the different metals that we offer including:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • And More!

Die-cutting involves using dies as a cookie cutter type tool that gets pressed into the sheet metal to cut it. Stamping is the process where sheet metal is placed in a stamping press in between two sides of a 3-D die. The two side of the press them squeeze together to create an end product to the designed specifications.  Die-cutting and stamping are good alternatives to CNC machining if your design can accommodate the tolerances. With experience in many different industries, New England Etching is the place for custom die-cut and stamped products.

If you are looking for an ISO 9001 certified metal fabricator or have any other questions give us a call today: 413-532-9482.

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